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Hedgehog Supplies

All supplies must be picked up with your hedgehog. All habitat packages must be preordered and paid for online. We will have your order ready for pick up with your hedgehog.


Prices and packages subject to change

DELUXE Cage Set-up $200

~ Kaytee cage: Large: 30” x 18” x 16” *
~150 watt CHE, lamp and thermometer
~ 14L Carefresh bedding
~ Kaytee Igloo: Large 12"L x 10.5"W x 6.25"H *
~ Kaytee Hi-corner 13.75 in. litter box
~ Sample bag of litter (not pictured)
~ 7 oz bag of Mealworms (freeze Dried)

~ Kaytee come along carrier (small)

~ Kaytee cool crock food dish

~ 2 bonding bags

~Oasis BIRD water bottle

Small Carrier


*Colors will vary

Large Igloo


*Colors will vary

Litter Box


*Colors will vary

14L Carefresh


7oz Mealworms




*Toys will vary

Bonding Bag


*Colors will vary

CHE Package


Kaytee 30 in. Cage



Price Compared to:

Petco $221.88 (11/2023) 

Chewy $215.75 (11/2023)

<------30 inches----->

Comes in 3 colors.

Oasis BIRD Bottle