Located in Gresham, OR

USDA 92-A-0378

Available Babies


How to reserve a baby 

Step 1: Click on the "reserve" button on the hedgehog you are wanting to reserve. Fill out the reservation form. After submitting the reservation form you will be prompted to proceed to step 2. If there isn't a baby available, please click the waitlist button below and indicate "waitlist" in the ID box on the reservation form.

Step 2: Pay your $75 non refundable deposit as prompted after submitting your

reservation form. If you do not have a paypal account, please email or text me requesting an invoice. The non-refundable deposit goes towards the purchase price of $300 (or as is marked on hedgehog description).

Step 3: Once the Paypal deposit has been received, your hedgehog's photo and information will be emailed to you and removed from the website.


​All babies come with:

6 mo genetic Health Guarantee
Lifetime​ Guarantee against WHS​
6oz of food
water bottle​​ (special order)


Lifetime post sale support​!

  • We only accept cash for the balance on the hedgehog. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • A Baby will not be held without a deposit.

Before clicking the "Reserve" button, please refresh your screen to see any recent changes.

Photos of babies are taken at 4-7 weeks of age. Please note their color can change a little as they grow.

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Meet & Greets!

If you would like to meet a hedgehog in person and learn more about their care prior to purchasing one click the button below!

Up Coming Litters

10 babies ready to take home on 1/30/21 (SOLD OUT)

4 babies ready to take home on 2/5/21 (SOLD OUT)

7 babies ready to take home on 2/13/21 (SOLD OUT)*

*3 babies in the 2/13/21 litter are reverse pintos. These babies tend to be a little easier to tame. The piebald gene that makes them mostly white is responsible for producing less of the fight or fight hormone called adrenaline. These can be great for first time owners or kids!

Baby hedgehogs are $350 & up

Price: $250

ID: RCH-2215

Color ID: Sky

Sex: female
Color: Algerian Gray w/badger stripes
Eye Color: Dark

DOB: 9/11/20  8.5 weeks

Ready to take home 11/11/20

This baby was held back because she was pretty cranky. She is doing so much better but will need lots of handling.

(Click picture to enlarge)

Sold out until March.

Please check back for the waitlist to open up on 2/15/21 at 9 am.

Sold out until March.

Please check back for the waitlist to open up on 2/15/21 at 9 am.