Serving the​ Portland metro area and Washington with hedgehogs.
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Located in Gresham, Oregon
USDA 92-A-0378

Welcome to Rose City Hedgehogs in Oregon!
We are a small USDA Licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs.

ALL hedgehogs will be sold as a pet. 
I do NOT sell hedgehogs for breeding unless you are a USDA breeder I know and trust. 

Buying Hedgehogs at an Expo
Rose City Hedgehogs has just started showing at the Portland and Seattle Reptile expos! Many times new hedgehog enthusiasts' first time seeing or even touching a hedgehog is when they pick up their new baby after having reserved it online. This can be very overwhelming for the new hedgehog owner. Having done our first Expo, I was thrilled with the many of you  who got to hold and touch a hedgehog for the first time and honored that you returned to Rose City Hedgehogs to buy a new baby from us!

Are all hedgehogs from other vendors created equal? Unfortunately, they are not. Sometimes you will find pet stores or brokers who did not hand raise their hedgehogs selling at expos. Do your homework! There are many GOOD, USDA licensed breeders who are eager to educate and give you the experience of holding your first hedgehog!

​​At Rose city Hedgehogs  we still have the application process at the expo. Our hedgehogs come with all of the same health guarantees and written contract. We also will not sell our hedgehogs without their complete cage set up. It is a package deal because I need to be sure my hedgies arrive at their new home with all of their needs met.​
Are Hedgehogs the right pet for me?
Hedgies make fantastic pets but are better pets for older children and adults. ​​However, it is important to consider some of the physical attributes of a hedgehog when deciding if one will be the right pet.

​​Hedgehogs have sharp quills and getting poked can be a painful experience which may result in it being dropped and injured. Sharp quills can also be intimidating for a young child and may prevent your hedgie from getting the socialization it needs to be a good pet. ​

It is a rare occasion for a hedgehog to bite out of fear or aggression. However, they do like to explore their world through their sense of smell and taste and may attempt to “taste” you. ​A taste test doesn't hurt much but it  definitely startles you and may be quite scary for a young child. Being scared of the "tastings" may prevent a young child from providing the hedgehog with the necessary taming and bonding time.

At Rose City Hedgehogs, we don't have restrictions for who can have a hedgehog as a pet. We feel that parents' who are informed will make the best decisions for choosing their family pet!​​